The Business Plan

Will the Omnia Performing Arts Center be able to sustain itself? Our first study proved: the need was great and unmet; the size of the population supports it; the income level of the population supports it; and the education level of the population supports it. But we needed to know if Omnia could be self-sustaining or if it would require annual subsidies.


Omnia, with private funds, commissioned a second study, a business plan, and asked its consultants to be conservative in their analysis. We requested a worst-case scenario.


The study suggested the building of two and even three theaters: 2500 – 2700 seats, 900 seats, and a 200-seat black box. The overhead to manage all three would be the same. Theatre experts advise this makes a flexible and desirable arrangement.


The experienced theatre operators Omnia consulted unanimously state that no government subsidy will be required to operate the facility.