Density refers to the number of homes or condos on an acre of ground.  For instance, a 100-foot tall building with 10 floors, with only one tenant per floor, would have a density of 10. The height of a building does not dictate the “density” of the property.

In this case, the density increase requested by Omnia boosts the TIF value significantly. It will generate significant new property taxes by boosting the tax base, not the tax rate.

Omnia is also trying to provide workforce priced housing for our young people, and retirement priced housing for our seniors. If there are only 10 units in a 100-foot building, the units will be out of the price range of our young people and seniors. That is why Omnia is proposing a higher number of units per building than 10.

Currently there are 3 underutilized parks in the immediate area: Burlington Park, Kroehler Park, and Kendall Park. Studies project the condo-owners for the most part would be the younger generation and empty nesters. Both are expected to be without children. All parks will be retained and not a part of the redevelopment.

Energy and environmental reasons are an advantage of living near a train station. Residents walk to the train station and avoid using a vehicle.

A recurring City discussion and a constant debate is the deck parking in downtown--who will pay for it? Omnia solves this problem.