A mandatory requirement for a Broadway-type theater is a fly-tower, which requires a minimum height of 130 ft. A fly-tower is the space above the stage where scenery can be stored and dropped down as needed for different scenes. The fly-tower would not be higher than any other existing structures in Naperville.


Omnia’s fly-tower will be on the south side of the building, adjacent to the railroad, far removed from Fifth Avenue and not blocking anyone’s view. Omnia anticipates that the new buildings will act as a berm and shield train noise for some area residents.


Along Fifth Avenue are planned two-story office, restaurant, and retail buildings, which could possibly be less in height than the neighboring Harris Bank. The line of sight from Fifth Avenue south would thus be two stories and will mostly shield the view of the theatre.


This is also true of the proposed condos, which will have the same two-story line of sight along Fifth Avenue. The height of the condos will not be taller than the present water tower and will be very similar to the new structure Edward Hospital built. Note that the building height at Edward is erected close to the sidewalk on Washington Street – while Omnia will be set back, behind two-story structures along Fifth Avenue.


Time is of the essence. The City is currently studying how to develop this area. The time is NOW for Omnia to move forward or this opportunity will be lost forever to a less worthy concept.