The Need

Omnia commissioned a feasibility study, using private funds, to identify the cultural needs of the community. The results were positive and surprised even us.


As Naperville has grown, so have the many cultural arts groups here. An astonishing number of the groups need a large stage – one that can accommodate large dance performances and audiences of 2500 – 2700. Such a venue is not currently available in Naperville.


Our study looked at many aspects of the Naperville population and determined:

• The population of Naperville is large enough to support the complex

• The education level of Naperville will support the complex

• The income level of Naperville will support the complex


The facility will accommodate local community groups and will be available for educational, business, and community events.


Professional groups and Broadway shows, such as Lion King, Les Miserable, and Wicked, will be able to perform at the complex, which includes a large enough stage and fly tower (the space above the stage that holds drop-down scenery changes).


Our studies clearly defined the need and purpose for the Omnia Performing Arts Center.