Area Theaters

The feasibility study looked at the features offered by other theaters in the Naperville area. For a Broadway-Proscenium stage, the study determined that no other theatre in the Naperville area offered the flexibility of staging nor seating for the community at large. There was no competition.

• Proscenium: The most typical Broadway-type stage formation for theaters. The audience sits in front of the stage, which is framed on each side and the top by an arch. Usually has small stage area in front of the curtain.

• Thrust Stage: A stage where the audience is seated on three sides of the acting area.

• Concert Hall: Has seating with a platform at one end for the performer(s). No orchestra pit, none or little backstage area for scenery, no fly-tower for scenery, no curtain.


It is interesting to note that when Pfeiffer Hall was built in 1926, the population of Naperville was about 5,000 residents. That was truly a leap of faith to build a theatre 1/5 the size of the town at that time.