Uses for Omnia




The Omnia Performing Arts Center will provide a facility for the entire Naperville community and surrounding area to use. Outside productions will generate the needed revenue to provide for community usage.


We spoke with many organizations and individuals during our study to determine who would need and use Omnia.

Currently, nearly all facilities in Naperville are owned by the school districts. These facilities are substantially booked by the schools, leaving little availability for other groups. Therefore, the local cultural organizations either cannot present their programs or they must go out of Naperville to use a less-than-adequate facility.


No doubt there are additional needs for this facility than listed here. The feasibility study uncovered more than enough evidence that this facility is desperately needed. If the study had indicated there was no need for the facility, all efforts would have been suspended.



Suburban Cultural Organizations

Naperville City Band has difficulty finding a facility for their indoor concerts. At current school-owned venues, the band must work around the schools’ already full performance schedules. They would like to host major U.S military bands, but they require a facility with a minimum of 1200 seats. Naperville has nothing of that size.


Naperville has three community symphony orchestras in the immediate area: Wheaton Symphony, DuPage Symphony and West Suburban Symphony. All of these require more seating and/or a much larger stage than is now available.
Young Naperville Singers would like to host a conference and invite other youth choirs to attend. Presently, there is no venue with a large enough stage or enough seats in Naperville for this event.


Xilin Association travels outside of Naperville to find locations for their many events. They would like to host an Asian Festival in Naperville, but no venue is available.


The School of Performing Arts faces similar circumstances. As a result, they currently hold their performances outside of Naperville.


All of these organizations would attract patrons and bring additional income to the Naperville economy.



Omnia will greatly benefit the youth of Naperville. With professional performances at our doorstep, Naperville youths gain new educational opportunities. The transportation expense and loss of school time make attending performances in Chicago not an option for our youths.



It is quite costly now for adults to travel to Chicago to attend a production. Attending a Chicago performance is time and cost prohibitive for the vast majority of area citizens due to: fuel, parking, dinner before or after the show, tickets to the performance, babysitter, and the hours involved to attend.


Senior Citizens

The needs of our ever-growing and ever-active senior population should also be considered. They need a nearby facility with handicapped parking sheltered from the elements, elevators, and plenty of rest rooms.



Many corporations would like to host conferences, annual meetings, etc., but there is no venue large enough to accommodate them.